About us


The world is full of great podcasts with interesting, funny, educational, mind-blowing content that enhance people’s lives every day. We love podcasts and wouldn’t live without them!

But how often have you been in the middle of listening to something great on your headphones on the subway or on the bus when a loud noise drowns out the punchline to a joke or an important point?

All of a sudden, you find yourself digging out your phone to rewind and turn up the volume. All is well for another few minutes, until maybe there’s a jingle or somebody raises their voice a little too much and almost completely deafens you. You dig out your phone again and lower the volume to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Only now, you can’t hear all the punchlines again.

This happens to people listening to podcasts all the time. The same thing doesn’t occur when listening to music, because the music industry understood the importance of audio mastering a long time ago. If you set the volume for a track it stays there. It’s time for the podcasting industry to apply these tools to their publications as well.

This is our ultimate goal: great-sounding podcasts all over the world.