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 We are on a mission: great-sounding podcasts all over the world!



Need that final touch to make the content nice and balanced and also boost the total volume?



Just want to record your podcast episodes and let somebody else deal with editing and/or mixing it?


Audio repair

Every once in a while, something unforeseen and unwanted happens to a recording.

Happy Clients 

PodMaster provides post production work for Ingefær podcast episodes and adverts. Their work is fast and precise.
— Sara Lossius Birkelund
Thommie at PodMaster is ridiculously effective, analytical, helpful, and in general just fixes everything that needs fixing.
— Spillmatic podcast
Everyone making podcasts should send it to PodMaster before publishing. Better audio gives the listener a better experience.
— Norwegian Rheumatism Association
Thommie at PodMaster is a true audiophile. Thorough, funny and professional. Highly recommended!
— Tone Ryg

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